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Finally... A NEW, Non-Surgical Treatment for Low Back and Neck Pain... Spinal Decompression.
Welcome to Wilkins Spinal Care. We're happy that you want to learn more about Spinal Decompression
using the proprietary DRS Protocol™, with Dr. Larry Wilkins. Watch the Online Seminars Here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some patients not want a surgical procedure?

Fortunately, for me, Iíve heard every conceivable answer to this question, and Iíll go through my experiences with this process.

I would like to start with a story about a patient that consulted me for numbness in both of her legs. Her name is Nora, which by the way, is my beloved wifeís name. She came to us by a seminar we had at the office. Iíll never forget it. It was the last heavy snow day of February, 2010. It was snowing so bad that Saturday that my office managers and I decided to cancel the seminar.

As we were making the phone calls to cancel, Nora calls in and says that she has to come, and asked us to not cancel because she needed to speak with us. So, we did the seminar for her.

Iíll never regret that decision, as my main reason for being on the planet is to help people who are suffering. She had the numbness for 10 years, and the treatment for her was to take Neurontin, which by the way, did absolutely nothing for the numbness.

Long story short, she has no numbness in her legs, and is living her life without the serious problems this created for her. One other issue was that all the doctors did was give her more and more Neurontin until finally the pharmacist said to her that she couldnít continue to take that much. Nora didnít want surgery, so she was afraid.

The #1 reason patients donít want surgery is that they know someone who has had surgery with no relief of pain. In many instances, the pain was increased.

Also, patients do get intimidated when their doctor tells them, ďIf we donít operate now, within a short time, you will be in a wheelchairĒ or ďIf we donít operate now, you will just continue to have the same problem and in a year you will be worse.Ē But my all time favorite is this one, ďGo home and live with the pain until you canít stand it any longer, and then weíll do surgery.Ē

Another reason they donít want surgery is in their minds. If they do have it and they donít get better, they know theyíll have to live with the consequences.

Also, they are afraid they wonít make it through the surgery, and if they do, they may get a Staph Infection or worse yet, an MRSA Infection in the hospital. I have 4 patients that I have treated that this happened to.

My comments on this subject will be summed up with this. Last December, three different patients told me the exact same story about their experiences with their doctors. Now, keep in mind that these are three different patients with three different neurosurgeons. The difference with these patients was that not only was their doctor a back specialist but the doctor was their friend. All three doctors told the patients the same thing, donít have the surgery, do anything and everything first. What I asked the patients was this- what do you think they would have recommended if youíre not their friend?

Iíll leave you with this Ė According to Pathophysicology of Chronic Back Pain (WebMD, July 9, 2007 by Anthony H. Wheeler, MD, Pain and Orthopedic Neurology) Dr. Wheeler concludes that surgical procedures for disc related pain are the most common procedures in the United States, and at a rate that is 40% higher than in any other country.

Surgery may help a percentage of patients for the short term, but it often creates long term problems.

Sources: Pathophysicology of Chronic Back Pain (WebMD, July 9, 2007 by Anthony H. Wheeler, MD, Pain and Orthopedic Neurology)

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What our patients are saying about us:

"I felt like I was 90 years old and ready to die... I heard about Dr. Wilkins and I completed the program... I have just a little pain in my right foot; other than that I am pain free and feel like a new man."
-- Robert, Greensburg, PA

"Because of this treatment, I am able to live life with little or no pain. It is amazing what this new technology can do to help us all. I feel better than I did in the past 20 years!"
-- Ronald, Connellsville, PA

"after nine treatments... I arose on a Saturday morning to NO PAIN! Life is good, no - GREAT!!! How do you thank someone for giving you back your life? I call Dr. Larry "God's assistant" and his machine a gift from God!"
-- Audrey, -, PA

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